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#121 [url]

07/27/15 09:01 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
figuratively or literally
you do not accept it

This is true. I knew the smart pills tasted like shit from the beginning, and I've asserted all along that they ARE shit. Siggy smells like a pig, and there's no hint of a godlike perfume in the air at all.

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#123 [url]

07/28/15 11:50 AM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
Oh so now you are
an expert in what
God smells like.
The smell he likes
is that of roasted flesh
Well, the Torah says that over and over, and it looks to me like the Medieval Catholic church felt the say, which is why it burned so many people at the stake.

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#127 [url]

07/30/15 10:32 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
he calls the human mind
a stench in his nostrils

And I call the mind who forbid Adam and Eve to eat the fruit of the the tree of knowledge and the tree of life a stench in my nostrils.

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#129 [url]

07/31/15 07:38 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
Like I said you are
inspired by Satan
whose first words
were did God
really say that
I thought his first words were, "Pick the fruit and eat it."

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#131 [url]

08/01/15 04:27 AM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
No contrary to popular belief
prostitution is not the oldest
occupation in the world
theology is the invention
of the cleverest of beasts

But the beasts, including the beasts with minds and astral souls, all evolved by a natural process and created both theology and prostitution after the fact.

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