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#141 [url]

07/30/15 10:18 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
You will remember
absolutely nothing
of your present life

I assume you say that because you don't remember either your past lives or the time you've spent disembodied between lives, but that doesn't make it true.

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#143 [url]

07/31/15 06:30 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
I told you I died went to the garden
and existed as God without any
memories of my present life

This simply mean that you lack something that I have, and so do a number of the people who regularly read on NHB.

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#145 [url]

07/31/15 06:47 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
Uninvited demons

That's simple jealousy, like poor people accusing those who have more money than they have of being greedy or even of stealing.

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#147 [url]

07/31/15 07:27 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
You told me I have no
right to my father's boat
you are jealous because
I am as poor as you are
but I speak of the future
No, you have no right to the damn boat, and if you insist on living on it again, you will regret it. And I suspect you're poorer in spirit than am simply because you think and talk about these things more than I do.

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#149 [url]

08/01/15 04:21 AM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
seventy more posts
do not waste them
on fruitless arguments
I won't be able to tell which of our postings are meaningful and which are fruitless until that particular act of the drama is over, but I won't presume to put numbers on  the posts left in the exchange.

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