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#41 [url]

07/31/15 05:54 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
I have seen UFOs in
iMexico in Tepoztlan
what is in the future for
 us is present for them

It's just as easy to say stuff like that as it is to say the Moon is made out of green cheese ... and just as hard to prove. 

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#43 [url]

07/31/15 07:22 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
If a future technology
comes to this time
is it not like time travel

Advanced technological knowledge from more advanced civilizations elsewhere in the universe comes to Earth every once in a while, but this doesn't involve either time travel or space travel, but rather interdimensional travel by disembodied astral souls.

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#45 [url]

08/01/15 04:11 AM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
That is fine die and travel then
but I will travel without dying
sort of like being beamed up

From my viewpoint, all you're saying is that you behave as if you know that human beings have an astral body all the time and a physical body when incarnated, but you're not willing to admit this to yourself or others. So you invent fantasies about being beamed up physically, just as the early Christians who wrote the New Testament did when they talked about the phenomena of death and resurrection.

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