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#21 [url]

07/26/15 10:44 AM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
Piss poor I am but
followers I do not
seek just separation
of true believers and
false ones which are
unbelievers like you
It would be very easy to make a believer of me. Just send an angel into this room to hand me a written message declaring you to be God...

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#23 [url]

07/27/15 01:28 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
There is no conversion
just people coming to
the conclusion that you
actually were a believer

It's true that I never converted to belief in any of your silly claims, but I've never seen evidence that anyone ever came to the conclusion that I ever did.

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#25 [url]

07/27/15 02:13 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
I am not interested
in your conclusions
it is none of my business

If you had a true belief in what you were doing, you would indeed consider it your business.

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#31 [url]

07/29/15 02:36 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
I has to have the authority of God
and the approval of the spirit
I believe that both "God" and "the spirit" as you describe them in your postings here figments of your own imaginations, and you live in the same reality I live in, on both the Earth Plane and in the disembodied state between lives. I also believe that you have had fragmentary access to your past-life and pre-life memories at a number of times during your present reincarnation, and I keep trying to expose you to information that will help you unlock more, even though you aren't consciously aware of what's happening.

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#33 [url]

07/30/15 10:22 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
I have a destiny 
that all the signs
 in my life confirm 
But when you reach the destination, it may not be what you're predicting from your present interpretation of the signs,

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#35 [url]

07/31/15 06:34 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
I have reached my destination
and the only thing I hope for is
that you want to join me in the
same place my bet is jealousy

You and I are in the same place when we swap messages on these boards, but the rest of our lives are on-going journeys, and we can only guess about the destinations we're headed for.

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#37 [url]

07/31/15 07:04 PM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
you are happy with your lot
I have places to see and things to do
6000 posts and then I move on to greener pastures

I'm interested in seeing what these "greener pastures" are and if I can learn anything useful there. 

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#39 [url]

08/01/15 03:49 AM

SigmundIvarsson wrote:
it is the construction of the temple
which brings the ends times
sort of like when I stand in
my body and declare I am God
Are you willing to let me watch the part of this process that unfolds on the Internet using my present cyber identity and communicating what I learn to my present readership?

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